Monday, February 13, 2006

John Fischer again.....

Loved this devotional. I intend to comment more on the third paragraph when time permits:

“The Things I Did With You”
by John Fischer

One of the benefits of having a third child this late in life is getting to hear Sesame Street again while I’m getting ready in the morning. I’ve missed those little critters. Last week, I overheard a sweet little song from Bert and Ernie: "Things that I remember are the things I did with you."

I found my thoughts straying to an old friend with whom I worked for over ten years in the 1970s. Because it was a spiritual relationship as well as a professional one, I got close to his family as well. I was single at the time, and for all practical purposes, they adopted me when we were working on a project.

While Bert and Ernie were singing about the things they did together, I thought about the things I did with Clark. Professionally, he arranged and recorded six albums with me that started the singer/songwriter part of my career. But as time has passed, those albums have taken a second place in my memory to a myriad of things we did together. The professional relationship, in other words, was just an excuse for that other relationship we share -- the real one.

I remember both houses he’s lived in since I’ve known him, because I’ve spent so much time in both of them. I remember getting my first instructions operating a motorcycle. I remember bringing my girlfriends by for inspection -- the thumbs down, and then the thumbs up (way up!) for Marti. I remember long discussions over spiritual questions posed by his colleagues in the music business. (He was a new Christian when I met him and still treats me as the "expert" Bible guy.) I remember performing the ceremonies for both of his daughter’s weddings. I remember the time our 18-month-old son threw a ping-pong paddle at his large aquarium and the horror of watching the glass shatter, releasing gallons of water and flopping tropical fish on his family room floor. And, of course, I remember working together over my music, amazed that I got to benefit from the wealth of his talent and versatility. And as these things flashed in my mind, I realized it wasn’t the things we did, but the fact that we did them together that really mattered.

But Clark was already on my mind for other reasons. He is currently caught in a grueling battle with cancer. There is a method in my telling you a few things about us. I hope they lead you to think of someone in your life, and how important that person for the things you have done together. But I hope, too, that you will say a prayer for Clark. He really needs it right now.


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