Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Thank you, God, for who you are and your unending, unbending love for me. I don't deserve it and I am thankful for your forgiveness. Thank you for Your Son, Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me.

God, I pray for my brother Mike and my sister Karlene. Thanks you for bringing Karlene through her surgery, for giving the doctors and nurses the skill to perform such complex surgery and for the family members you have placed around them to help Mike and Karlene while she heals. I pray, God, for healing for Karlene and physical and emotional strength for Mike. I pray, too, that you would protect Carter and Jenna from any illnesses or other problems. Please keep my mum safe as she flies out to Saskatchewan this weekend and may she be a real help to Karlene and Mike.

Thank you God for hearing me. May Your will be done.


Monday, March 28, 2005


So here we are.

Over the past few months, I have really found myself wrestling with many spiritual issues. Some of them, I have posted at my other blog Pops 'n' Buzzes, but I find that it is too busy with all the other things in my life, so I came here.

What will a reader find here? My musings on sermons I have heard, things I have read, whether the Bible or other spiritual texts, links to articles and websites I have found and/or visit regularly. Every now and then, I'll toss out prayers. I find my overactive mind cannot focus when I pray silently, so I'll pray aloud through my blog.

A warning to the reader: This blog will occasionally be a little disjointed, since it is not only going to consist of thought-out posts, but also my thoughts and prayer items as they come to me. This may leave readers a little confused, frustrated or other adjectives with negative connotations. Tough. This is MY walk with MY God being diarized here.

I welcome comments. I love a good discussion. Please feel free to question, encourage, argue, debate, discuss, pray, whatever. Keep it positive, though. Anyone starts tearing me or anyone else down, I'll pray for you first and block your comments second.

Peace and blessings. Enjoy your stay.